Why did you want a new home?

We lived in Hertfordshire, midway between our children and grandchildren in Bristol and Norwich. We’d been considering moving closer to one of them for a while and lockdown made us realise that we had no family support nearby, so we decided to move to Norfolk. It was a difficult decision to move away from so many friends, but it’s been a joy to see so much more of our little granddaughters.

What were you looking for in a new home?

We’d made a list of our requirements early on in the process, and couldn’t find much in Norfolk that ticked many boxes. We wanted brand new and modern, with four bedrooms and a large kitchen/living room, preferably with a ground floor bedroom (for when we get really old!), but NOT a bungalow. It also had to be no more than half an hour’s drive from Norwich, and preferably between Norwich and the Norfolk coast.

I found the list after we moved and, not surprisingly, this ticked every box.

How did you start working with James Mallory Homes in the first place?

We’d seen the Salhouse development online and liked the look of the houses, so when we were house-hunting in earnest in August 2020, we drove up to have a look. We were met by James, the builder and developer, and he spent a good couple of hours showing us round the houses which were in various stages of being built. We knew straight away that we’d found the house for us, and went straight home to put ours up for sale.

What were your early impressions of the company?

James was clearly proud of the houses he was building and we could see the quality of build and finish. He gave us as much time as we needed on that first visit – and later ones. We were particularly impressed when we were told that their houses always came with a 12-month snagging period (so different to the big housebuilders).

How did they support making the house build as smooth as possible?

We visited the site a few times and nothing ever seemed to be too much trouble. James was very happy to discuss our requests for a few additional things we wanted, and was very fair in the charges he made for those. Although they were small things, they helped to personalise the house for us.

How did you feel when you were first given your new house keys and could move in?

Hugely relieved! Our house sale fell through after 14 weeks and we thought we’d lose our dream house, as James would have no choice but to remarket it. Luckily, we sold again within two days, but the legal process then took another 10 weeks before we moved. James was extremely patient and good natured, even though it was frustrating for him as well as us. He really made us feel as though he wanted us to have this house.

We love living here – it’s perfect.

What is your favourite part of your new home?

Definitely the large kitchen/living room opening onto the garden. We spend most of our time in there. It’s also lovely to have a large hall and a decent sized utility room.

How would you describe working with James Mallory Homes?

It was a dream. They couldn’t have been nicer or more accommodating. They definitely went the extra mile – or several. James even suggested getting a robot mower for the large lawn, as he knew we’re not really gardeners. What a great idea – it’s made it so easy.

What sets the company apart, in your opinion?

The quality and personal service. They pay attention to details. For example, I know that in the subsequent development all the houses were built with south or west facing gardens, though it would have been easier to build some of them face the other way.

The contractors they work with are all really nice people who take pride in their work. It was easy to build up a good rapport with all of them and they became more like friends.

Malcolm Page.

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